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I noticed, after reading a couple of Chapter newsletters, that a few wrote in their articles asking what happened to October. It was gone in a flash. Is it me or do you feel that as we get older time seems to move faster? Fast mov-ing time would be great if it happened when we were kids waiting for the end of the school day or counting down to Christmas.
Fast moving months can be a negative if you haven’t planned for what’s next. The year end is upon us, therefore, planning for 2020 must start now. Looking back at 2019, did you feel your Chapter experience was all it could be? Did you ride enough? Did you eat enough ice cream? Are you happy with the same ol’, same ol’? Did you look forward to the Gath-erings as fun and rewarding? Did you learn anything new in 2019? If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, did you say something to your Chapter Director?
A Chapter Team has only one focus and that is its Members. If the needs and wants of the Members aren’t being met, something isn’t right. There can be several reasons. The Team may not be listening to the Members OR the Members aren’t taking the time to voice their opinions. Have you, as a Member, spoken up? Have you, as a Member, offered to help? Have you, as a Member, asked to be a part of the planning and goal setting for the Chapter? If you have, did the Chapter Team listen and included you in the plan-ning?
The partnership between Team and Members is vital to the health of the Chapter. The most important fact is that you are not alone. The District Team is here to help. The Officers Conference is scheduled for January 17-18. Friday night is a social time, Saturday will be forums and speak-ers from Team GWRRA, classes on making fun happen, simplifying budgets and growing your Chapter. Don’t let the name fool you, every-one is welcome, Team Members and Members alike. Hope to see you there. Can’t make it? Send me an email. Your voice matters.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Lorrie Thomas & Dan Clark


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