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What I did on my (unplanned) Spring Break!

From full steam ahead to putting on the brakes, all things Virginia Rally came to a halt a few weeks ago. Fortunately, the Team had prepared the flyers and the registration forms and Fritz got them posted on the web site and Roman got them into the newsletter. We emailed them to the surrounding Districts and to our Chapters. Vendor protocol was written, forms were sent out by Linda to lots of new and returning vendors. The contracts for the hotel were finalized when Roman mailed the check. Sponsors have their packet and are responding.

I’ve received responses from three Chapters about their carnival booth ideas. Games of chance and food ideas have come in and are reserved. Have you thought about your Chapter booth? Just keep in mind that the booths will be indoors (no dunking booths) and they are limited to a 10x10 foot area. We will be judging the booth decorations and themes and will award a cash prize and plaque.

Rally is definitely moving forward. As most of the surrounding rallies have been cancelled or postponed, GWRRA feels we will reap the benefits because Members will be seeking some well-deserved fun and our attendance should be high.

I heard some great ideas for keeping the Chapter Members connected...
VA-D is doing a virtual 50/50, where the Members pick a number from 1-100. They will let Fritz know the number they picked, and he’ll run a randomizer to select one of the numbers. He’s got a prize to give!
Another Chapter got pictures of each Member, who usually ride together on Sunday and meet for breakfast, taken at their home tables eating breakfast, then posted them as a collage. ATGATT not needed, pajamas optional.

There have been Zoom Gatherings done by video and maintenance videos shared on filter changes. I see lots of posts on Facebook of favorite rides taken in the last year and the sharing memories of past get togethers. From the pictures on Facebook of bikes being detailed, it’s gonna be a bright and shiny first ride a􀅌er all this.

Check out the classes the University is offering online on Zoom. Go to for full information. Can get a few Chapter Members together and take a class. Wing Ding is still on the calendar.
Member are checking on each other by Skype, Zoom, messenger facetime, emails and phone calls. There are offers of help for those who shouldn't be out at all in the public. Just like any other family, we are here for each other.

Some have interpreted the social distancing and permission to take walks or exercise or bike ride outside home as permission to ride their motorcycles. Can’t say I blame you. I can actually hear our bike begging to be let out of the garage. Look, it might not be the wisest of moves, but the decision is yours to make. Just be careful. Accidents can happen and it isn’t the best time to get hurt and have the need of a hospital. At this time, all we can do is hope we began mitigation early enough that Virginia will be spared the worst of the virus.

Be patient, Be Kind, Be safe.

Virginia District Directors
Lorrie Thomas & Dan Clark


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